Physiology Of Yoga

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Direction of Pranic movement (vayus) in the Physical body

  • Prana moves down from the base of the throat to the navel (the pranic center or kanda) and energizes and all the vayus. It also moves up from the navel to the throat.
  • Udana moves primarilly up from the throat up to the head
  • Apana moves from the navel down to the floor of the pelvis.
  • Samana moves from the periphery of the body into the core.
  • Vyana moves from the core out to the periphery.

Vayus and corresponding chakras and elements summarized

  • Apana Vayu: Seat is in the Pelvis, Muladhara Chakra, Earth
  • Samana Vayu: Seated in the Solar Plexus, Manipura Chakra, Fire
  • Prana Vayu: Seated in the heart/chest, Anahata Chakra, Air
  • Udana Vayu: Seated in the Throat and Head, Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Ether
  • Vyana Vayu: Emanates from the navel (kanda) but pervades entire body, Svadisthana Chakra, Water

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