Poision Cure By Basil

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The common plant in everyone`s house `Tulsi" , is very much needed in Medicinal world also. Starting from common diseases, it can be use for deactivating poisons.

In case of poisoning of the system through any agency, the maximum possible amount of Tulsi juice must be taken.

If opium or any other poisonous material like datura or aconite has been inadvertently imbibed, give the patient a paste of Tulsi leaves mixed with ghee obtained from cow`s milk. 100:500 gms of ghee should be given in this manner. If no improvement is noticed even after this treatment, a similar quantity of the mixture should be administered at intervals, till the effects of the poison disappear.

Administering 50 gms of Tulsi juice every day will eliminate the effects of calomel (hartal) poisoning in a week.

The poison spreading from the bite of a snake can be rendered inactive by administering Tulsi leaf juice to the victim, dropping a little juice into the eyes and ears, and applying a paste obtained by crushing and grinding the roots of the plant at the location of the bite.

Snake poison can be deactivated by administering every two hours a mixture obtained by crushing together 20 leaves of a Tulsi plant with ten black pepper seeds.

If bitten by a snake, one should drink the juice obtained by crushing and grinding Tulsi, jatamansi, saffron, turmeric, red sandalwood, pure manashil, nakhi, tarnal patra, cinnamon and tagar with sufficient water. The juice should also be dropped into the nose and the eyes. This will destroy the poison, and the swelling caused by the poison will subside.

Applying the paste obtained by grinding roots of a Tulsi plant with a woman`s breast milk to the eyes, and drops into the nostrils, will bring immediate relief to a person who has lost consciousness due to the bite of a snake.

If the victim of snakebite is sinking, he should be given pills rolled from Tulsi, mulethi, powdered wood turmeric, kooth, turmeric and gopitta.

If stung by a scorpion, rub the paste of Tulsi leaves and inflorescences over the sting. Crush a few leaves of Tulsi with cow`s urine and lemon juice, and apply the paste over the region of the sting like an embrocating. Apply Tulsi juice to which a little rock salt has been added. Chew some Tulsi leaves. Grind together 20 gms of Tulsi leaves and 15 black pepper seeds with water, and apply the paste on the sting.

The pain caused by the sting of a wasp can be relieved by drinking Tulsi juice and applying it.The poison of a rat can also be destroyed by applying a paste rubbing a cow`s tooth with Tulsi juice, mixing manashil.

The bite of a centipede should be treated by the application and internal administration of wine to which Tulsi, shankhini, mineral soda bicarb (saaji khar) and ashes obtained by burning the droppings of goats have been added.

If your cot is infested with bed bugs, place a few twigs of the wild variety of Tulsi on the cot. The bugs will quickly run away. Mosquitoes, too, will not approach the cot.

The poison in a mosquito sting is destroyed by the application of Tulsi juice.

To counter the effects of the poison of a maniari a very poisonous reptile, drink ten gms of Tulsi juice or chew some Tulsi leaves. If the jaw is locked drop the juice into the nostrils and rubbed on the crown of the head, the palms and the soles of the feet.

Doctor Viney Pushkarna


Writers:- Rajan Pushkarna, Viney Pushkarna, Pooja Pushkarna, Vibudhah Office

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