Paracetamol: Friend or Enemy?

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We are using paracetamol in our general medicines to fight against fever. But do you know that we are fighting against our friend why so?
Lets talk about fever first. What is fever and how it workd. Fever is a rise in body temprature due to any poision come in side the body or body itself created poision from wrong eating or living habbit. To burn that poison our body starts gaining temprature so that poision can be expell out in form of sweat.
So conclution normal fever is our friend. Now paracetamole who cool down the body and control the fever in actual doing against our body functions who don't allow body to expell out the posion with which that posioin remain in body in cold form which cause more problems in future.
Second the chemical we have taken isn't a natural one so it is dangerous for our body also. some of common side effects i have mentioned above.
now you tell what you like a friend or a enemy?
What You love to have allopathy or Natural Cure.?


Writers:- Rajan Pushkarna, Viney Pushkarna, Pooja Pushkarna, Vibudhah Office

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