योग में आरोग्य और ध्यान में आराम

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🔸Why to meditate?
🔹What is power of meditation?
🔸Why to do group sadhana?

when 100 people do meditation together then its vibrations spread to a region of 5 kilometers around it and the negativity in this area is destroyed.
Eienstien had scientifically explained how if we break 1 atom , it breaks all other atoms around it- called an atomic explosion.
Our Rishis and Munis had said the same thing thousands of years ago – that is even 4% of the people on this planet do meditation that the rest 96% will also automatically come in bliss.

You can also observe a tremendous change in your own family members by doing 90  days of nonstop regular meditation.
You can ask the neighbours and shopkeepers in ur building and you will see that they are also benefiting only bcause you meditate..
If atleast 10% of the people on this planet to meditate and all the problems in this world will automatically get solved.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
proved this to scientists in 1993. He called 4000 teachers to Washington DC and made them meditate for 1 month.  Due to this 1 month of meditation, the crime rate of Washington DC came down by 50%. The scientist could not understand it and they named it “The Maharishi Effect”.
This is the power of meditation that lies in our consciousness. When  you will do meditation for 3months then you will see an amazing change in yourself and in your family also.

You will also see great material progress and spiritual development through this without much effort.
You just have to mediate and Discover the power within you.

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Writers:- Rajan Pushkarna, Viney Pushkarna, Pooja Pushkarna, Vibudhah Office

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