Five Simple Yogasana for Breast

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 Following five are simple yogasana which help in breast enlargement and proper growth.
 To know more about breast enlargement and growth exercise( Yoga Postures )  Please go through follow.
Breast enhancement should be inclusive of the health of the breasts coupled with the texture, shape and tone of the breasts. To enhance one’s breast, first step is to ensure that they are healthy i.e. there is no infection or lumps. After following this basic health regime, breast enhancement can move towards toning and giving a proper shape to the breasts.
Breasts tend to become shapeless after child birth or for other reasons like excess buildup of adipose tissue in the breast. This makes the breasts saggy and shapeless. To bring back the shape of the breasts, many women resort to quick methods of applying creams etc. which may cause side-effects like infection.
Yoga asanas prove beneficial to modify the breasts and bring them in shape. The following yogic asanas should be done daily to tone up the breast line.
  • Vrikshasana (The Tree Pose)
    To do this asana, stand straight with your knees erect and palms by the side. Slowly lift the right leg and fold it at the knee. Bend the leg inwards and place the right heel at the top of the left thigh. In this process, make sure that you don’t lose your balance. While doing this, take support of your right hand to place the right ankle on the left thigh. The folded right leg should be at right angles with the left leg which is still erect. Join both the palms and place it near your chest. Slowly raise the joined hands upwards till it reaches above your head. The hands may be slightly folded at the elbows. Now stretch up as much as possible without losing your balance. Look ahead and relax your muscles. Breathe normally. Lower both your hands and slowly lower your right leg using the right hand if required. Repeat this posture by now raising the left leg. This Tree Pose involves stretching of the chest muscles that tone up the muscles of the breast.
  • Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)
    Lie down on a carpet on your stomach. Place the hands at the side of the body. Move the knees, heels and toes together. The forehead should touch the group. Now fold both the arms at the elbow and put the palms on the floor at the level of your chest. Lift the head keeping the chin forward and try to move the chin as upward as possible. Slowly raise the head forward and up. The shoulder will move backwards and try to lift the entire upper body till the navel. Take normal breaths and do not try to hold your breath due to the stretching.
Even Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) helps in enhancing the breasts since it is good for pectoral, thoracic and chest muscles. Regular practice of these asanas will show a notable difference in the shape and tone of breasts over a period of time.
Wearing the right size of bra’s determine the shape of the breasts to a large extent. Therefore, just make sure that you wear the right shape and size bra and always try your bra before buying it.

_____________ By Dr. Viney Pushkarna, PRANA Health


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