Ardha Chakrasana

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Ardha Chakrasana, Ardha Kati Chakrasana, Half Wheel Pose

How to perform Ardha Chakrasana

Stand straight in Samastithi. Keep your feet hip-width apart from each other. With inhalation you place your hands on your lower back just above your buttocks and bend backwards as much as your body allows you. Stay in this position and keep breathing. Come up with exhalation.
You can repeat the posture 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of Ardha Chakrasana

  • Ardha Chakrasana is a beneficial yoga posture for your heart and can help you to regulate high blood pressure.
  • As it gives your belly, abdominal organs and intestines a good stretch, it helps your digestion and makes your inner organs work properly again. 
  •  The bend of the spine and the impulse that your nervous system gets is good for spondylitis.
  •  The bending backwards will bring flexibility to your spine and hips and when you have back pain you should do the posture to get some relief.
  •  Additionally the bending backwards gives you room to breathe and thus helps your respiratory system and can even relief asthma problems.
  •  If you want to lose some weight, do Ardha Chakrasana as it tones and strengthens the thighs, hips and waist which will reduce excess fat in this area.
  •  Ardha Chakrasana also helps women with menstruation problems or disorders and uterus problems or any other gynecological problems such as leucorrhea as the backward bending stimulates the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
  • Pregnant women should also perform this exercise in most cases to prevent stiffness of the back and back pain. It can make the delivery easier. But please consult your doctor before you practice this posture during pregnancy.

Focus Points

For beginners it is very necessary to support the back with the hands as you can harm your back very easily when you bend too much backwards without supports in your back.

Tips and Help

Bring your hips forward and bring your body weight on your toes while bending backwards.

_____________ By Dr. Viney Pushkarna, PRANA Health


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